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Below is a list of categories and category icons that appear on When Falls the Coliseum, along with an explanation of the content you might expect each category to contain.

Each blog post or article will have one or two icons above the title and will list the name of the categories at the end of the post.

You can browse our site by category archives on the?middle sidebar or click on any icon below?to find content on a particular topic.


Sports football rolling list websiteadvice — Our contributors give advice. Whether you asked for it or not.


all work — and no play — jobs, career, work, employment, unemployment, unions, employees, workplace bureaucracy, bosses, resumes, hiring, firing, corporate culture.


animals — animals, pets, animal rights, vegetarianism, animal encounters.


announcements — new publications and appearances by our contributors and press?notice and other When Falls the Coliseum news.


art & entertainment — any entertainment or art that does not fit under our more specific categories of “music,” “television,” “movies,” “sports,”?or “games.”?That could include plays, fine art, museum openings, painting, reviews of the above.


black helicopter watch — discussion of conspiracy theories that people actually believe and espouse,?pretend conspiracy theories that our contributors make up for entertainment or satirical purposes.


Bob Sullivan's top ten everythingBob Sullivan’s top ten everything — Taking?the venerable comedy form to new heights, and lows, and elsewhere, Bob Sullivan starts?our week off with?his take?on current events and lots of other stuff.


books & writing — books, book reviews, literature, authors, literary issues, writing, publishing.


conversations — a column by Paula Marantz Cohen and Robert Anthony Watts, featuring their exchanges on race, gender, politics, cultural issues, art and entertainment, current events, and whatever else makes for good conversation.


creative writing — original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, sketches.


damned lies — statistics, misuse of numbers, lying with facts, damned lies, cheating, dishonesty.


diatribes — rants on everyday annoyances and outrages, like your car being towed or your inconsiderate neighbor or bad customer service.


drugs & alcohol — drugs, alcohol, drinking age, bars, rehab, steroids, prescription drugs, medication, drug laws, prohibition, beer, DUI.


education — education, school, teachers, learning, teaching, tuition, free speech on campus, professors, college, high school, No Child Left Behind.


ends & odd — anything that doesn’t fit any other category, oddities, strangeness.


environment & nature — Earth,?environment, environmentalism, global warming, natural disasters, pollution, nature, weather,?hiking, camping, trees, pesticides, environmentalists.


family & parenting — family, parents, parenting, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren.


fashion?& clothing — fashion industry, fashion, models, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry.


Fred’s dreams — a column by Fred Siegel about his dreams.


games — video games, board games, dice games, reviews of games and video games, chess, poker, card games.


getting older — getting older, “kids these days,” the elderly, social security, nursing homes, “back when I was a kid,”?wisdom that comes with age.


health & medical — health, healthcare, doctors, nurses, hospitals, illness, disease, disease prevention, universal healthcare, advances in healthcare, surgery.


his & hers — dating, marriage, men, women, relationships,?gender issues, feminism, battle of the sexes, sex, sexual harassment, LGBTQ issues, gay rights, gay marriage.


Joshua Goldowsky blames a fictional character — a column blaming real world problems on characters from books, movies, television, and other fictional settings.


Kelly Conaboy saves the worldKelly Conaboy Saves the World — if you thought you didn’t understand the news before, just wait till you read Sports football rolling list websiteKelly Conaboy Saves the World. Our intrepid (some would say heroic) correspondent explains the world’s?most pressing issues as only she can. If it’s in the news,?Kelly will?tell you what it’s all about and maybe even what should be done to fix it. This way, you can sound smart when talking about current events with your friends.


language & grammar — language, linguistics, grammar, abuse of language, grammatical errors, controversial words, euphemisms, sayings, cliches, vocabulary, English as official language, banned words, language pet peeves.


money — money, economics, taxes, capitalism, socialism, consumerism, free market, debt, spending, credit cards, business.


moviesmovies — reviews, movies, film, cinema.


music — music, reviews, interviews with musicians, the state of music


on the law — Constitution, legal issues, courts, judges, lawyers, legal cases, lawsuits, Bill of Rights, crime, punishment.


photography — original photography by our contributors and writing about photography.


politics & government — government, politics, political philosophy, politicians, elections, candidates, political campaigns, proper role of government, liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism, political parties, government competence or lack thereof, government corruption.

race & culturerace & culture — identity, race, group affiliation, identity politics, racism, multiculturalism, affirmative action, ethnicity, nationalism, culture, group-think.


recipes & food — real recipes for meals or snacks and pieces that use?a recipe format for purposes of humor or commentary (a list of ingredients perhaps followed by steps). Expect to see titles like “Recipe for Chicken Marsala” when our writers are in a culinary mood. When our writers are in a more satirical mood, you might see titles like “Recipe for Disaster.” This category also includes content about restaurants and food.


reflections?& recollections — an autobiographical column by Scott Stein.


religion & philosophy — deep thoughts, the meaning of life, religion, philosophy, faith, organized religions, rituals,?metaphysics, God, gods,?epistemology, philosophers, religious figures, atheism,?belief, cults.


science — science, biology, physics, chemistry, Evolution, scientists, genetics, scientific controversies, pseudo-science, astronomy.


sports — sports, baseball, football, basketball, boxing, olympics, tennis, athletes, player salaries, stadiums, sports fans, high school sports, college sports, funding for sports.



technology — technology, computers, digital age, information age, future of technology, obsolete technology, technology as panacea, fear of technology, cool new devices, technological predictions, technology reviews.


televisiontelevision — television, TV shows, reviews, reality TV.


terror & war — terror, terrorism, war, war on terrorism.


that’s what he said — Frank Wilson’s column riffs on quotations?and follows the train of thought wherever it might lead.


The Emperor decrees… Chris Matarazzo decrees it, so it shall be done.


travel & foreign lands — vacations, travel, other countries.


trusted media — media, media bias, talk radio,?journalism, sloppy journalism, advertising, misleading advertising, newspapers, decline of?newspapers, TV news, trends in journalism, commentary on current events that doesn’t fit another category.