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Q. What is this When Falls the Coliseum, anyway?

Start with?the Sports football rolling list website page and the rest of the links across the top of the page. That should?give you an idea.

Q. What does “When Falls the Coliseum” mean??Can you explain the quote from Lord Byron that’s on?the Welcome page?

No, we can’t explain it.?More precisely, we won’t. ?You seem like a smart person. Figure it out.

Q. I want to write for When Falls the Coliseum. Do you accept submissions?

See the Submissions page.

Q. So, what are you guys, a bunch of liberal weenies?


Q. So, what are you guys, a bunch of right-wing nutjobs?


Q. So, what are you guys, a bunch of libertarian black helicopter conspiracy wackos?


Q. I’m confused. What are you guys?

Maybe you should read the Welcome page. Labels aren’t very helpful.

Q. Is this a political site?

One of our categories?covers politics?and government, and our contributors are free to write about politics and often do. But life is much bigger than politics, and When Falls the Coliseum will cover as much?of it as our contributors can handle. We’re “a journal of American culture (or lack thereof),” whatever that means.

Q. Can I trust that your reviewers are giving me their honest opinions? Or are they getting free stuff from publishers to say only good things about the books they review?

See our disclaimer about the free books publishers sometimes send us.

Q. I am a multi-billionaire.

Good for you. Do you have a question?

Q. Yes, I would like to buy When Falls the Coliseum for an obscene amount of money. How do I contact you?

See our Contact page (and get out your checkbook).

Q. Are these frequently asked questions really asked that frequently?

No, you caught us. They’re just some things we felt like telling you.

Q. You have a lot of categories on this site. It hurts my head.

That definitely is not a question.

Q. Oh.

Do you have one?

Q. One what?

A question.

Q. Oh,?now?I remember.?Why do you have so many categories?

Because there’s?a lot to write about. If the categories confuse you, you can see a key that explains them.

Q. One of your writers or commenters offended my sensitive feelings or has a position that I think is bigoted or evil. Will you apologize and ban the offending Neanderthal?

Probably not. We have comment policies, and hope to generally have a civil environment. But we also?promote free?expression and the free exchange of ideas. We encourage our contributors to post quality and thoughtful, even respectful,?writing. Yet?When Falls the Coliseum includes satire, debate, and even diatribes?about a range of controversial issues and doesn’t object to edgy material. We don’t know where people got the notion that they have a right to live in a sanitized world and never be offended. If you share that notion, this site is probably not for you. Isn’t it nice that?there are two or three other sites on the Internet and that you could read them instead?

Although we?value free expression and are not responsible for the exercise thereof by the contributors and commenters on When Falls the Coliseum, we will draw the line at outright threats or illegal activity, and spam of any kind, and anything else that annoys us, and will delete it and ban the people responsible if we are aware of it.

Q. Why did you delete or reject my comment?

See our comment policies.

Q. Why do you hate America?


Q. This FAQ makes you sound like a pretty big jerk. Are you one?