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“While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand;
When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall;
And when Rome falls—the world.”

?????????????????????????????????—Lord Byron


Welcome to When Falls the Coliseum: a journal of American culture (or lack thereof).

When Falls the Coliseum is full of humor and satire, vigorous discussion, serious reflection, reviews, occasional strangeness, and more loudmouthed opinions than you can shake a big stick at, if you are the sort who shakes sticks (we gave up the practice ourselves several years ago, along with talking softly). Some of our writers might be defined as liberal, conservative, or libertarian, some as Christian, Jewish, or atheist. Others don’t own dictionaries and can’t say for sure what they are. Some are writers by trade; some actually work for a living. Some are motivated by high political and philosophical ideals; some just hate bad service at restaurants and think you need to hear about it. They come from all corners of the fruited plains, and?all of them are, like everyone else in this country, sure they’re right. Except for the ones who aren’t.

What are you waiting for??Give yourself a tour and make yourself at home. All of the newest content can be found on the Sports football rolling list website.